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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

Generally, our items arrive within 3 to 5 days of purchase for any destination worldwide. We are sure most of the countries we will deliver within 4-7 days.

When you buy an item, we will then contact you within 48 hours of your order to provide you with a tracking number. This is why it is so important to give accurate contact information, especially telephone numbers and email addresses. If you are not at home when the item is delivered, the courier will leave a notice and you can then go and pick up your package at the nearest post office.

We guarantee our shipping, which means that we promise that the item you have ordered will arrive undamaged, in a timely manner, at your doorstep. If for any reason your product does not arrive, please contact our staff and we will investigate the matter for you, and then we will re-send the item at no cost to you.



Please allow 2-3 business days from the time you received you're tracking number to the time you can track it online.

You can track shippments through your national postal service website: (USA) (UK) (Canada)

For all other countries if you don't know your national postal service website you can find it here:


A DHL tracking no. has 10 numbers (10 digits) & packages can be tracked at:


A UPS tracking number starts with M or H & packages can be tracked at:


A TNT tracking number has 9 digits & packages can be tracked at:


If your tracking begins with WKO you can track it here:


A Aramex tracking number usually begins with a 7 or a 3 and they are 10 digits long and they can be tracked here:

All you have to do is enter the tracking number we will send you in to the correct box on the shipping courier's website and you will be provided with the information on your package. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to click the Contact Us. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions.